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Description: Advisory: HPE Ethernet 10Gb 2-port 557SFP+ Adapter - Certain HPE ProLiant Servers Configured With An HPE Ethernet 10Gb 2-port 557SFP+ Adapter With CNA (XE100 series) Firmware, May Set Multiple Adapters In The RBSU Settings For Flex Mode


Description: Advisory: VMware - ProLiant Servers Running the HPE Custom Image for VMware ESXi 6.5 U1 May Experience a Purple Screen of Death When The Server Is Updated Using VMware ESXi 6.5, Patch ESXi650-201707205-UG


Description: When updating an HPE ProLiant server Integrated Lights-Out 4 (iLO 4) firmware, the iLO "Date/Time" located under "Status" on the Overview page may change to "Not Set" if the optional SNTP settings are not used.


Description: Advisory: HPE OneView - The Error Message, "Host Name Invalid Format" May Be Displayed When the Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) Appears Valid


Description: A potential security vulnerability has been identified in the "HP Trusted Platform Module 2.0 Option" kit. This optional kit is available for HPE Gen9 systems with firmware version 5.51. The vulnerability in TPM firmware 5.51 is that new mathematical methods exist such that RSA keys generated by the TPM 2.0 with firmware 5.51 are cryptographically weakened. This vulnerability could lead to local and remote unauthorized access to data.


Description: On certain HPE ProLiant servers running VMware ESXi6.0 U1, VMware ESXi6.0 U2 or VMware ESXi 6.0 U3 with the vmklinux drivers igb: 5.3.3, ixgbe:4.5.1 and i40e:2.0.6, and configured with any of the network adapters listed in the Scope section below, the HPE Intel Online Firmware Upgrade Utility for VMware version 3.1.11 (also known as the Intel Firmware component CP031546.zip) may not be listed at the review page in the Post-Production Service Pack for ProLiant (SPP) Version Gen8.0 and SPP version 2017.04.0, due to driver compatibility issues.


Description: On an HPE ProLiant server or HPE Synergy Compute Module running Linux, the firmware update on HPE Broadcom Netxtreme-E devices and other network adapters listed in the Scope section below may not complete if the recommended driver is not installed and loaded prior to the firmware update.


Description: The Integrated Lights-Out 4 (iLO 4) configuration may reset to factory defaults on HPE ProLiant Gen8-series servers. This has been observed on iLO 4 firmware versions prior to 2.54.


Description: Some security scanning tools may warn of a security vulnerability against HPE Integrated Lights-Out (iLO) for using CSS Style sheets referenced by relative URLs. This may be referred to as a "Path-relative Style Sheet Import Vulnerability." The report of the Path-relative Style Sheet Import Vulnerability is a false positive. iLO is secured against such attacks.


Description: Effective 16 October 2017, LeftHand OS version 12.5 will be moved to inactive status for HPE StoreVirtual 4000 Storage systems and HPE StoreVirtual VSA 2014 Software systems.


Description: When an auto-update is initiated in the Version Control Repository Manager (VCRM), but the Service Pack for ProLiant (SPP) 2016.04 is not in the repository, the VCRM Auto-Update will only download a partial version of the SPP2016040.2016_0317.20.iso, even though the actual size of this SPP is around

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