Advisory: (Revision) HPE Hard Disk Drives - Drives EH0300FCBVC and EH0146FCBVB With HPD9 Firmware Installed May Cause the Array Volume to Become Unresponsive and Result in Data Loss

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Advisory: (Revision) HPE Hard Disk Drives - Drives EH0300FCBVC and EH0146FCBVB With HPD9 Firmware Installed May Cause the Array Volume to Become Unresponsive and Result in Data Loss
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Release Date: 2018-05-04

Last Updated: 2018-05-04


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Resolution updated. Fix available through firmware HPDA.
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IMPORTANT: HPE strongly recommends immediate application of the resolution provided on this document. Neglecting to perform the required action could potentially result in data corruption or loss. By disregarding this notification and not performing the recommended resolution, the customer accepts the risk of incurring future related errors.

If a motor-related failure occurs on HPE SAS drive models EH0300FCBVC or EH0146FCBVB with Firmware Version HPD9 installed, the drives may incorrectly report a recovered completion to host commands after the failure. The recovered response signifies to the host that the commands were completed by the device. This wrong device response may result in data loss.

Signature of the motor failure is a KCQ=1:5D:50 response by the drive to host commands.

Example of HPE Smart Array log signature: Recovered PR=0x80c3bbc0 D002 Op=2a PLErr=02 IopErr=04 S=02 KCQ=1:5D:50


Any HPE ProLiant server with a EH0300FCBVC or EH0146FCBVB drive installed running with HPD9 firmware.


To resolve this issue, upgrade the firmware on EH0300FCBVC and EH0146FCBVB drives to firmware version HPDA as soon as possible to prevent potential data loss.

The new firmware release modifies the sense key from "recovered" (sense key 1) to "hardware failure" (sense key 4) for the associated fault condition. This will prevent the array controller from continuing to try to access the affected drive and thus prevent the logical drive from becoming inaccessible.

Click the links below to obtain the HPDA firmware depending on the Operating System installed:




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Hardware Platforms Affected: HP 146GB 6G SAS 15K SFF (2.5) DP Enterprise 3yr Wty EH0146FCBVB Hard Drive, HP 300GB 6G SAS 15K rpm SFF (2.5) Hot Plug ENT 3 yr Wty EH0300FCBVC Hard Drive
Operating Systems Affected: Not Applicable
Software Affected: Not Applicable
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