HP Support Alerts - 20.01.2016 - Lefthand OS 12.5 patch set to deliver improvements related to LeftHand OS, AASM, SCVMM, and online help localization

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Lefthand OS 12.5 patch set to deliver improvements related to LeftHand OS, AASM, SCVMM, and online help localization.

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Type: Patch
Version: 55010-00(20 Jan 2016)
Operating System(s): OS Independent
File name: TA686-10725.patch (19 MB)  

12.5 Patch Set 01 -- LeftHand OS, AASM, SCVMM, and CMC Improvements and OLH localization -- Release Notes

Part Number: TA686-96276
Published: January 2016
Edition: 1

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Patch Set 01 delivers the latest fixes for LeftHand OS v12.5.



  • Restart of LeftHand OS services is required.

  • Unreplicated volumes will become unavailable. Disconnect unreplicated volumes while performing this upgrade.

  • Performance disturbances and iSCSI connection disruptions can occur while the LeftHand OS services are restarting.



  • LeftHand OS 12.5 patch 55010-00

  • Centralized Management Console

  • Application Aware Snapshot Manager

Update recommendation



NOTE: The fix for upgrading in Remote Copy configurations is a critical fix, which elevated the update recommendation for this patch set to critical. Additionally, this patch set is a prerequisite for any future patches on LeftHand OS v12.5 systems.


Product models

  • StoreVirtual 4730

  • StoreVirtual 4730 FC

  • StoreVirtual 4630

  • StoreVirtual 4530

  • StoreVirtual 4335

  • StoreVirtual 4330

  • StoreVirtual 4330 FC

  • StoreVirtual 4130

  • P4900 G2

  • P4800 G2

  • P4500 G2

  • P4300 G2

  • StoreVirtual VSA 2014 for VMware vSphere

  • StoreVirtual VSA 2014 for Microsoft Hyper-V

  • StoreVirtual VSA 2014 for KVM

  • P4000 VSA for VMware vSphere

  • P4000 VSA for Microsoft Hyper-V

  • StoreVirtual Failover Manager for VMware vSphere

  • StoreVirtual Failover Manager for Windows Hyper-V

  • StoreVirtual Failover Manager for KVM


LeftHand OS

  • Updated the logging interval for latency issues from 60 minutes to 15 minutes. This change enables support personnel to better pinpoint details of the issue.

  • Configuring RAID for a storage system now completes successfully. Previously, an error message about insufficient memory would display even though sufficient memory was available.

  • Fixed an issue that caused all logging to stop after upgrading to LeftHand OS v12.5.

  • Upgrading to LeftHand OS v12.5 in Remote Copy configurations now completes successfully. Occasionally, the upgrade would fail and cause the storage system to unexpectedly shut down.

  • Fixed an issue with the conrep utility that was preventing it from running. This utility is used by Hewlett Packard Enterprise Support only for managing hardware replacements.

Application Aware Snapshot Manager

  • The localized online help for Application Aware Snapshot Manager is included in this patch.

  • When using Application Aware Snapshot Manager to create a snapshot of an ESX cluster that is managed by vCenter Server Appliance on a Linux server, the snapshot is now created successfully. Previously, snapshot creation would fail.

  • Debugging logs for Application Aware Snapshot Manager is now enabled on Microsoft Hyper-V hosts. Previously, when debugging was attempted, the Authentication Console displayed the following error message: Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation.

Centralized Management Console

  • The localized online help for the Centralized Management Console is included in this patch.

  • After creating a new network and moving the LeftHand OS interface to that network, the active paths are displayed correctly in the CMC for the cluster and the volume.


  • The LUN details now display correctly in the SCVMM interface.

  • On the Create LUN screen, the option to select thin or thick provisioned volumes is now displaying correctly.

  • The value for SAN Copy Capable on the SAN volume template now remains YES after a refresh. Previously, the value would change to NO.

Installation instructions

Storage system reboot required


Storage services restart required


Install patch using the 12.5 CMC and 12.5 LeftHand OS Version

  1. Select Configuration Summary in the Navigation pane of the CMC.

  2. Select the Upgrades tab.

  3. Click Start Download to begin the upgrade process.

  4. Click Continue to upgrade the CMC, if necessary.

  5. Log in to the management group targeted for the upgrade and click Continue next to Upgrades Available (Patches).

  6. Click Install to apply the patch.

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